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I am Zero – Sadhu Vasvani (Short Story)

“We start our journeys as wanderers, few become seekers, fewer still pilgrims. A pilgrim who chooses a life of discipline becomes a disciple (shishya) and only a shishya who surrenders to God will one day become a shishu (a child of God)!” ~Dada Vaswani

Dada Vaswani with his teacher Sadhu Vaswani

About his teacher, the revered Sadhu Vaswani, Dada says: “My master was humble. He was a very learned man, a great writer, philosopher, and an educationist. Once when he presided over a big meeting in Mumbai and held a press conference, they asked him who he was.

Are you a poet? Are you an educationist? Are you an author? Are you a saint?

He said, ‘I am a zero.’

He paused for a while and added, ‘I’m not the English zero as the English zero occupies space. I am the Sindhi ‘Nukta’. In Sindhi, zero is written like a dot. Then, all that remains is to serve all and love all, unconditionally.”

Source – Maitri Tunes

Journal Notes:

I first heard his name from Dwarko Sundarani ji in bodh gaya several years back. I never met him personally but felt him deeply, specially during visit to Darshan exhibition in Pune. As I walked looking at the pictures and videos of Sadhu Vaswani, my heart felt warm and I felt this incredible connection, something of other lifetime. Here’s few beautiful songs from him shared in Maitri Tunes by brother Sheetal.

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