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Heart Space

Early in the morning as I sat alone in the garden in Sughad, looking at the peace pole ahead of me, I was suddenly filled with rush of excitement. I scribbled in my diary, “I am dreaming of a heart space. A space to do fearless experiments of love and explore self truth.”

Gandhi ji called his autobiography ‘my experiments of truth’, today I feel that rooted in our self truth, can we do fearless experiments of love? Just truth can be like a sharp knife, harming oneself and the other, there’s one universal truth and yet there are many subjective truths based on each one’s unique self and understanding. Misunderstanding of truth can divide us and love will always unite us. So I am dreaming of a space where we can deeply connect with our own self and with each other, with out judgement, in pure love.

Inspired by dear friend Deepa, I promised myself to write daily for 40 days reflecting my thoughts and learnings on building towards that, and today is the first day, first little step. Towards it, towards swagyan.

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