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01.07.05. Shanti Kunj Haridwar “Beginner’s luck”, that’s what it is called, we are always lucky when we start a journey and then we are severely tested. Those who are fit survive, rest quit. It’s my 5th day today in Shanti Kunj Haridwar. For some reason I don’t like it. Not good energy. Its full of people everywhere, it’s supposed to be a Sadhna centre but I can hardly feel the space for it or may be I am wrong. It could be different kind of energy. Full of life a living meditation may be. But in short, for some reason I am not comfortable and look forward to go from here possibly to Dharamshala, my next stop. Dress code here is yellow/saffron dhoti kurta but does it affect the mind also. If God is in everything than why a particular color of dress, or a God. Seems like every organization or saints have made there own dress code. Intentions are good but is execution right? Is there a co-relation between words and deeds? In creating co-relation.

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