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Golden magical heart

What’s my gift ?

I asked my little one today, with sincerity and open-ness as if I am talking to a grown up teacher.

“It’s through your hands and kisses on the cheeks you make people happy”, she said.

I was speechless, my heart beating fast, it cannot be a mere co-incidence. In such simplicity and easy she reminded me of a profound truth, that I also felt in my recent trip to Brazil. I felt deeply that I have a gift, which also came as a blessing from baba Hacibektash in Turkey, St Francis in Assisi or so many other angels I prayed too. In Brazil I had the opportunity to practice this gift more visibly, I would give head massages to few friends, praying and connecting with their soul as I did that.

“I have a golden magical heart”, she said, “ofcourse you do my dearest one” I said, “but so do everyone else but what’s make it most magical in you is that you are aware of your magic and you believe in it, as we believe so we become and till then our task is to share this magic with everyone.”

“Love everyone. Your whole body is your heart”, she added. We held each other’s hands, eyes closed, said a small prayer, and then kissed each other’s hands, reminded me farewell with a friend in Brazil which was so similar.

We then touched our foreheads. Like two old lamas who have met after a long pilgrimage.

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