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Friends Retreat – Switzerland

Reflection from recent retreat in Switzerland (July 2014).

Growing up in India, my grandfather would often tell me a phrase ‘Aham Brahmasmi‘ which means, the entire universe resides in each one of us. I deeply experienced it in Global friends retreat held in Switzerland in the past two years.

I felt reverence to be in a space together with an incredibly diverse group of people from all over the world, each one shining their brightest light. I felt empowered as I discovered my own unique gifts and I felt humbled accepting my part in the service of the whole.

When I looked around, I didn’t see individual people but I felt the uncreated, unknown potential in all of humanity, radiating from the highest source, vibrating in each speck of the existence. I am deeply grateful for this space where I realized, it doesn’t mater who we are, where we are, but together we have called this new emergence, we have all called each other, lifetimes after lifetimes, we have all worked together for unity, love and peace and now It’s time we remove our veil of self doubt, be unafraid, fearless and accept our participation in the creation of the new story of humanity.

Note: A letter I wrote to my daughter Reva after the first retreat in July 2013.

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