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Four Signs

Heart to heart

I see you

“Goto towards the North”, Rose Maria told me recently after her magical foot massage, “and work with your hands to renew your body and spirit” she continued. I knew I was in a transition, growing evolving into something unknown. It’s unsettling sometimes and yet liberating with the promise of growth. After a long very heartfelt conversation together with Jayesh Bhai, I knew another journey awaited, to where it was still a mystery. and then today morning Kishan suggested we go to the Pedhamli village, I was hesitant but couldn’t say no to his love. after an hour journey by road we reached Sarvodaya Ashram. A sacred place where last many years two brothers Kanti kaka and Vasant dada have been living the life of sadhna and service. Just few days back Kanti kaka who was 93 years had passed away in peace. The moment I got down from the car and my feet touched the ground, a thought occured “I need to come back here here again, I belong here”.

Vasant dada greeted us with immense love and shining spirit. Jayesh Bhai went to the room of Kanti Kaka to pray and when he came out, he softly tells me “I had this bhav when I prayed in the room that you would like to come and spend some time in this room and place”. These were four signs, which affirmed my visit back to this sacred place. I was planning to goto Vipassana and even got a confirmation from Dehradun center but maybe life wanted to bring me here with an opportunity to meditate, do manual labor and satsang with Dada. I look forward to come here for a month long silent reflective time in this crucial time of my life.

Shining their light, Jayesh Bhai and Rose Maria

Even the animals felt her love

Kishan, Jayesh Bhai, Rose Maria and Vasant dada

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