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Everybody All at Once

When asked to share my experiences about the retreat, I wrote this in a form of a letter to my 2 year old daughter.

Beloved Reva

Deep gratitude to your mother for holding the space, deep gratitude to every being which made my coming here possible and deep gratitude to our family and community with whom I am able to grow.

As I was coming to Switzerland for this retreat, I wasn’t completely sure what it was, I was not too excited nor was I anxious, there was infact certain silence and stillness of this unknown. A calling, that I must go.

As I reached here and saw the majestic mountains and beautiful trees, I somehow felt I have been here, and then someone in the group here said that its these mountains that have called us for not what we do but what we can all be.

I felt deep gratitude and immensely humbled to be invited here, there are total of 33 friends from more than 14 countries. Everyone is deeply rooted in personal transformation and in process of expressing their themselves through love. No body felt a stranger here, everybody would look deeply into each other’s eyes as if saying ‘I see you’. keeping our personal identities out, or washing our flags as the expression would say, we entered a sacred space of our shared common humanity.

We meet deeply in silence when we mediate together, we rediscover

ourselves in heart groups, and come together as a collective voice in

bright room. everyday we have most deliciously food prepared with

immense love and sanctity.

In the woods, We offered the soil from our lands into collective whole

and celebrated our unity in diversity in presence of the sacred fire.

We shared our unique gifts through an expression and deeply connected

with our soul as we performed the 5 elements ritual.

I feel my heart opening tremendously. I realize we are not alone in

our journey towards love, and more and more I am affirmed of our

collective purpose in life.

I used to always wonder what kind of world we are going to leave

behind, and I found hope as we shared the charter for a new

civilization based in prior unity.

When I first heard it I felt my heart expanding and contracting at the

same time. Mind tried to understand what heart already seemed to know.

Was this is what I have been searching for? And now I find a language

to express it. What is prior unity, a space, a feeling or an

expression ? How do we arrive there ?

We then put this question out in the group – how can this charter

inspire and inform the new civilization in you and through you in this

world ?

Blessed as this group is, the collective wisdom emerged as these were

the following insights and questions-

Charter is like a bell that calls people who resonates with it and

like a star it guides us till we are already living in it.

How do we act consciously for the benefit of the whole ? With

humility and grounded in state of being, aligned with action for the

service of the whole.And whole being as a relationship with our selves

and our shared common humanity.

What would structures to enable everyone at once to become reality

would look like? Where they can dream, connect, create and share with

a feeling of abundance, nurturing and support.

What will be the forms and processes that will be required to express

this charter in tangible way? Like this retreat, creating spaces of

silence and stillness, places that can bring healing. But really

expressing the charter through our way of life and being.

Also the question came how do we not allow erosion of this fundamental

truth? How do we hold in not knowing but only which we can intuitively


What should be the language of charter, should there be inclusion of

different language words, or does these words contains some shadow


But then there’s danger in words having duality.

Can there be other expressions through stories, art and poetry.

Can we hold the words lightly so that the charter can become hearter.

Although there were many thoughts, suggestions and questions yet our

bright room shined with each individual light, asif everybody was

dancing their own dance, and yet in one unison, everybody embodying

their full potential, expressed their highest truth with love.

As if everybody saying this ancient prayer together –

We offer you peace

We offer you love

We offer you friendship

We see your beauty

We hear your need

We feel your feelings

Our wisdom flows from the Highest source

And we salute that source in you

Let us work together for love and prior unity.

Now I truly believe my little one that one day you will say “I am

happy for the choices you all made.”

With infinite love for what you already are and what you can be

Your father in behalf of whole. (Photo Montage – Leo)

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