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Empty Cupboard

Every year During my boarding school days, before I would leave for home for holidays, I would have to pack my things, my bed and empty my cupboard. After each term I would have a new room, a new cupboard and new friends. The memories of it came back as I do the same in sughad before leaving for another trip.

Spent the entire day today with Reva, we went for a trolls, danced in the car, shared the same story again and again of the movie of why a certain character did what he did, how happiness is within and when we get sad it turns our body grey (from the movie). Reva teaches me non attachment. Learning to savour every hug, every dance move and every moment with her as the time comes soon to say good bye for another trip. When Meghna’s dad asked me today, so what work are you doing nowadays? I hesitated and as I was preparing my answer, Reva proudly said, he travels, he is a traveler. Wonder what influence this nature of mine will have on her life but for now she seemed to have beautifully accepted it and also seems to be supporting it.

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