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Courage to BE

“The war cry will no more be with Marx and Mao: The spirit of revenge cannot build a new world. Only a revolution which leads to a higher sense of human dignity can lead to a higher and nobler way of life. Revolutions based on hatred and violence merely create a new class of exploiters and hatred and exploitation remain.”

These are the words of Baba Amte, who recently passed away. A great social worker of his time who made a change by being one. One thing I always wonder when I get to meet or hear about these wonderful people is ‘How do they get the courage and persistence to do what they do?” It is easy to be hopeful and dreamer when you are in youth and want to take off to change the world but how exactly you keep you soul intact when you really take this karmic pilgrimage. I believe the true spiritual saints are the one who are also karma yogis. There has to be a balance between the Mind, Heart and Body. One without the others is so incomplete. One without the others is mere an intellectual, physical or playful exercise.

The key as Dwarkoji had said, “Think globally work locally”, “Find the truth through whatever you do” and the truth can be found, felt or experienced when we are in that harmony. And that is Bliss!!!

In that Karmic pilgrimage today 🙂

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