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11.08.05. Mahabodhi temple. Bodhgaya.

Restlessness to move forward yet thinking what experienced in the past “now”, most of our experience becomes part of us sub-consciously and it shapes us, without even us realizing it. Our soul takes what it needs and in turn becomes the voice of our choices later. Mind tries to rationalize what we gain from our Journey and can be sometimes brutal analyzing the physical out put but at the same time our soul, slowly absorbs the experience of our pilgrimage and then creates the change within. This Journey or pilgrimage is not just physical tour we take to different places but it is our life as whole where we make different choices, following our dreams in day-to-day life. We are all on a pilgrimage of life, just walking different paths. We are all on Journey to the unknown, which begins here in “Now” and also ends here in “Now”.

In walking different paths.

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