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Chinar, Dharamshala

04.07.05. Chinar. Dharamshala. Choice! Like always, have to make one today. An important one. Either I go back tomorrow to Delhi and back to my hometown and try to finish “Little prince”(narrative feature film) or continue traveling for extensive 3 months making this “Sin & Zen” film. I have to commit to one, as by December I should take a job for a while. Both are ambiguous, and whatever I choose, I should do with complete dedication with no turning back. I ask God to give me a sign to help me make my decision and within half an hour I saw a movie poster of “Motor Cycle Diaries” playing in local video house in Mc Lodgunj. Saw the late night show 9-11 pm. I think heart is in traveling so might continue the journey also would sleep over the thought and would let it sink in. on 6th July its H.H Dalai lama ji’s birth day, there might be celebration but it will be difficult to see him, so I was lucky to see him yesterday. Hope to move on from here. In moving.

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