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Cafune, caresses and healing

Standing on the deck of the boat, ready to jump in the Atlantic Ocean, my heart was beating with excitement, let it go it said, and that’s what i did.


Visited the little quiet coastal town Paraty, six hours away from São Paulo. The streets designed by Portuguese were such that in the night, the sea water would fill the streets and would go away in he morning, washing it away, all its dirt and maybe memories. A group of us, who participated in Giftival, came here for 2 days. In togetherness it was celebration and fun. Just one drink would make me drunk, but I was ready to let it all go, ready to immerse to little bit of everything life was bringing my way, without judging or being hard on myself, guided by desires, and personal nourishment.

‘Who would you be, if you stopped trying be a good person.’, Charles asked this question, why do we believe that if we stopped trying to be a good person we will be a bad person, what’s the source of these ethics, is the natural behaviour of a human being bad ? What happens when we let it go, completely, trusting life, guided by its beauty.

‘How do we open our hearts’, I asked orland, ‘by making a contact’, he replied.

Small island in Paraty

Extending my hands, feeling the cold winds and little rain drops on my face, I asked the ocean, ‘give me the depth like yours so I can increase my capacity to love’. ‘will you be able to manage it’, the goddess replied, then pls give me the capacity to hold it, I requested. I deeply felt the presence of the ocean, and the trees in the little islands.

Experienced the silence of little caves, as I reached there swimming , away from the boat. Had lunch with the family who has been living in the island for 3 generations. Brazil touched me, it caressed me, and it also did in many various other ways. I also discovered , the beauty and power of touch in this trip, as I gave head massages to people, with prayer, it felt healing to them and me as well.

Many shared that how it washed away something heavy inside them, melting whatever was not needed. Each touch reminded me of Baba Hacibektash and its blessing.

Made so many friends along this trip that I wonder if we will remember each other later on, but maybe it is not required, each moment of our meeting is complete in itself, the energy of love, manifests again and again through different people and things. Keep your heart open, keep making contact, and then let it go with a blessing in your lips and warmth in your heart.

On my way to the forests of Alta Paraiso, it’s considered to be healing place with crystals and waterfalls. I still long to goto Amazons one day but maybe in the next trip. For now each step is being guided, by the power which is there all around us and most importantly in our hearts.

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