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Burgos Cathedral

The majestic Burgos cathedral, looks at me, as if saying, imagine all I have seen. From kings to farmers, from priests to sinners, they have all found shelter in me. The plaza in front is filled with people, sipping their wines and beer. Tourists and Camino pilgrims all passing the way. Musicians playing on the street, seeking attention, and I sit on the bench with my icecream writing this. Looking at children playing makes me miss Reva, hope she was here for me to to show her around. One day when you turn 11 we will walk the Camino together I told her and yet her childhood is fast slipping by. Rain clouds seem to fill the sky. Third time now in Spain. Wonder what brings me here again and again. Some past connections or the promise of some work in future. Joserra has been very kind, like a brother he would take care, opening his home and his heart. Leaving for Switzerland tomorrow, for another retreat and for another start.

Cathedral plaza

With Joserra and his parents

Burgos city

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