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Broken Heart

There lived a Sufi saint, a long time ago. All his life he devoted himself serving others, sharing his love and presence to who ever came to him for help. Never did he held back from giving, giving whatever he could. With constant prayers in his lips and heart he lived a very pious life.

One day his grand daughter had a dream, where she saw an angel.

The angel tells her that since her grandfather had loved so much and lived such a wonderful life, the angels would come and take him personally to heaven, when his time will come. He will get a special place in the heaven for all his deeds.

Grand daughter gets up very excited next morning and tells about her dream to her Grandfather.

“Baba, you will go to the heaven, for all your kindness and love” she exclaimed with excitement.

When the Sufi heard this, he became very reflective. He closed his eyes and started to pray to the god. His eyes become moist and tears rolled down his cheeks.

Amazed with his reaction, the little girl asks her grandfather , “Baba you probably didn’t hear me correctly, you are going to heaven. So why do you cry?”

The old man softly replied, “I heard you right my little one, but if the prize to do kind work and to love is heaven then what would be the result for breaking someone’s heart. Because no matter how much I would have tried to love, I am sure I would have broken someone’s heart.

Journal Notes:

Once I asked my grandfather, “what has been essence of your life, if u had to share one learning , what would it be? He too told me, “May you never hurt someone’s heart”

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