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Blessed Unrest

Traveling from the known to the unknown requires crossing an abyss of emptiness. We first experience disorientation and confusion. Then if we are willing to cross the abyss in curious and playful wonder, we enter an expansive and untamed country that has its own rhythm. Time melts and thoughts become stories, music, poems, images, ideas. This is the intelligence of the heart, but by that I don’t mean just the seat of our emotions. I mean a vast range of receptive and connective abilities, intuition, innovation, wisdom, creativity, sensitivity, the aesthetic, qualitative and meaning making. It is here that we uncover our purpose and passion. –Dawna Markova, From “I Will Not Die an Unlived Life”

I am making an effort to write something else but somehow cannot ignore the deep restlessness within so yet again here’s another contemplation of my current mind.

Initially I used to wait alone, now there are are so many waiting with me. waiting when we will be inspired enough to take another project, waiting to get the calling, waiting to be restless enough to start walking. Yet we know sometimes we have to just wait, because ripples happens in a calm lake and there’s always calmness after the ripples.

I feel like Guido from the movie 8 1/2, entire team ready, looking up to me, and I feel lost. All we can do right now is take one step at a time, do what is in front of us and ‘wait’. Like a duck, who seems too calm on the surface but if you look underwater, she is paddling furiously.

I somehow like this state of mind, it indicates that something is stirring, something is happening, a transformation is in process, we have not become too comfortable with our day to day existence.

This unrest is Blessed 🙂

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