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Awakin Circle

This wednesday, one person walks in few minutes before the meditation was going to start and asked me, “I am new to this kind of thing, what happens here ? do we feel positive in this session ?”. I replied “I don’t know, each circle is unique and each one has it’s own personal experience. co-incidentally this week’s reading was about ‘Difference between healing and curing’ and how futile it is trying to be positive all the time, but instead try to stay with all the feelings honestly. We had a beautiful circle of sharing where many people opened their hearts and were vulnerable. When the turn came for this person, he shared “When I came today, I wanted to be positive, but right now I feel like crying, overwhelmed with emotions, thankyou for holding this space for me”.

Feeling grateful for being part of these Awakin circles and co-create this sacred space for ourselves and each other.

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