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Amitabh Bachchan Ji’s visit to Maitri Space, Sughad

Today Sughad campus was buzzing with excitement. India’s one of the most respected Actor and superstar Amitabh Bachchan ji was visiting to meet Jayesh Bhai and Anar Didi after being inspired by their work in a previous meeting. Jayesh Bhai invited various people to share our work with him. For an hour, Amitabh ji listened to various stories with great humility and patience. With tremendous love he wrote this on his blog after the visit

“But the most astonishing moment of the trip was of course the promotion of the film .. but a visit to an organisation and their premises where they work for peace, harmony, self reliance, ingenious sanitation efforts, environment friendly and with the simplicity of ideas and thought … there was so much nobility within , so much conditioning of all that plagues modern existence .. such an awakening of the soul virtually ..”

As he was leaving we gifted him A peace prayer flag, with an intention may all our efforts be moved towards love peace and oneness.

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