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Advait – 24 (Inspiration returns)

I arrived home. All was same yet everything felt different. My possessions covered with a thick layer of dust.It has been nine months of solitude, when I last left home in search of my inspiration. I wondered if anybody missed me but then immediately I thought, did it really matter ? I found ‘missing’ me.

I didn’t knew what to do, I stood at the door for a long time and then sat on the couch staring at the picture frame on top of my table. It depicted her hugging me with great joy, her face reached my heart, listening to my heartbeats, I was kissing her forehead but looking somewhere else in void. There and yet aloof, hesitant to accept love which was offered to me, just like my life, always longing for void.

In the journey I realized, there is no void, but an infinite space filled with love, and now I felt ready to express it, deeply, truly, authentically.

A story was unfolding to be shared through a film, and what else it could be called but ‘Moved By Love’

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