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24th Sep 05 Kanchi math, Tirupathi (A.P)

“So you will ask the questions, handle the camera, do the editing, everything done by you, so you are Advait, all in one and one in all.” His holiness Sri Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati, one of most senior saints in Hinduism, smilingly said this to me. Again felt very blessed to take his interview. Babuji (my grandfather) was almost in tears with extreme happiness, when I told him about meeting Shankaracharya and other great saints.

Before starting this journey, I was always apprehensive with the word “saint”. When there is a God in you, God in me and a god in everyone, then why do we need Gurus and Saints? But now with little bit of understanding, I deeply respect the journey they had, the knowledge they have seeked and for living in tune with God every moment. Although I feel we do go overboard in following them, blinding ourselves by rituals & religions & mistakenly accept them as a God rather seeing the God within them.

Vivekananda sums it all here: ” Never forget the glory of human nature. We are the greatest God. Christs & Buddhas are but waves on the boundless ocean, which “I AM”.

In Advait today.

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