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A silent Birthday

29 was his age when he left his house in search of bodhisattva and 29 turned I during my last day of silence in vipassana meditation’s 10 day retreat. Surrounded by vast mountains and covered with mystic trees, the center in Igatpuri was indeed beautiful. The day usually started at 4 am followed by several hours of meditation. Learning the ancient technique to go within through realization of our own breath and energy was a powerful experience. Dharma in its purest form revealed itself and truly I felt its implementation in every day’s life. Change was internal and there lied the beauty after the course, friends and family hoped I would sound different, act different and different would be my behavior but I knew deep down something was transformed, something was healed and changed I was forever.

A face appeared smilingly in the distant mountains as the sun was setting, I was walking in peace during a small break just before my evening mediation. Suddenly, as if to surprise me, for a brief moment the sun shone directly at me glowing my face, a soft breeze flowed caressing my cheeks and the cypress trees nearby danced in joy singing together with the mother nature. Imagination maybe it was but I indeed felt in tune with every atom in that moment and smiling to myself I took a bow in gratitude.

Universe has its ways of celebrating your birthday 🙂

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