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A servant of peace – Gopal Dada

As a servant of peace, Gopal Dada dedicated the last several decades of his life to the work of bringing peace to his community. After walking with Vinoba Bhave in the Bhoodan Movement, Gopal dada moved to his community in Unjha, where he worked with children and within them imbibing simple human values of Truth, Love and Compassion. He passed away on November 17th 2013 in his Gandhian brethren in Pavnar, where they had all assembled for ‘Maitri Milan’ at Vinoba’s ashram. More about him

* A volunteer shares how Gopal dada changed her life

* Story of The Toilet Man of India, Shri Ishwar Bhai Patel who was also a student of Gopal Dada

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