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A pig who believes he can be a Lion

A dream, 10th May 2015-

I was a visiting a zoo, as I enter the door the first cage is that of a lion, hungry, weak, thin, eyes bulging out, roaming restlessly in his cage roaring in a grunted voice. The cage which is open from top is probably not more than 5 ft high. I am alone near him as the other visitors have passed by. Our eyes meet for a moment and he jumps towards me however stopped by the cage. I move back frightened, he jumps again roaring and again being contained by the cage and few attempts he is actually out of the cage now. In fright I run outside the door and trying to close it behind me. But the lion is behind and tries to open the door and again our eyes meet but this time he is smiling as if asking me , why are you afraid and how far can u run. But I am afraid and I run down the stairs, there is a crowd gathered by now below and I run behind another open house trying to close its door but I cannot as it has only one door. Lion is still looking at me smiling bit mockingly and bit friendly. By now few guards have captured this lion with a net and are taking it back inside the zoo.

Then I find myself in a big empty palace hall, I am walking softly with grace. On the other end of the hall I see another lion. This one is majestic, healthy, in equanimity looking directly at me as if waiting for my arrival. I look at him, with love and admiration and after a brief moment of recognizing each other he asks me “what is there between us that resonates.” To which I answer,

Softly- “our solitude”

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