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“Why does heart loves when it knows it will suffer? and the Master replied: “The fear of suffering is worst than the suffering itself.” -From the Alchemist

‘Love’, what is in this four letter word which evokes a rush of overwhelming emotion. How do you classify, how do you calculate, how do you decide how much you love someone. Can a love for someone be greater than the love for himself ? All the time in your life you meet people who say they have loved you, may be more than their own lives, but do they love you or the feeling of love which you evoke in their own heart which they love ? Because if they love you then why this insecurity to let you go. If it goes then it was never there.

Love blossoms when it is independent of itself. when you loose yourself in it without expecting what is the result. You just simply love. There’s no reason, no doubts, no fear, no justifications. Like breathing, it is simply there. feel it and accept it.

How it would feel, to love like Meera Bai, who was so devoted to the blue one that it didn’t really matter if Krishna had 1000 wives. She was his and he was her’s. Simply accepted. No proof, no reassurance, no display, no waiting for any answer.

How it would feel to love like Krishna, who couldn’t even get to be with the first and the most loved person of his life.

How it would feel to love like Buddha, to have the courage to leave his new born baby and yet be able to feel compassion for millions of strangers.

Heart is strange, it sends love in most unexpected ways and you don’t have any choice but to surrender to this feeling. Because if you don’t then your entire being is in question…

Just give up and love, be it yourself, your work, your lover, your friend, your parents or a complete stranger.

There’s no escape so simply let go and loose yourself 🙂

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