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49 day challenge

Sheetal initiated a 49 day challenge to pick up any one practice. Spontaneously 49 friends from different parts of the world have taken up this challenge. I promised myself to blog for 49 days and write something, usually related with Maitri. It’s day 2 of the challenge today.

The entire world is going through a major transition. Corona virus has impacted us worldwide. And yet in these times of crises nature is healing and people are practicing compassion. In India we have been in a lockdown since March 25th. We are in Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar. Summer has started and usually it gets very hot entire day. Our entire day revolves around Sufi and doing regular home activities from cooking food, to cleaning. I wonder how do we decide what work is important, these seemingly mundane tasks really helps me be in the ‘Now’, accepting, and celebrating little simple things of life. Even writing this blog now, part of me is thinking to write something wise and inspiring and the other one says, ‘write what is’, nothing more, nothing less. Life itself is blessed (Jeevan swayam hi pavitra hai) as Jayesh Bhai would often say.

My heart also goes on today for many migrant brothers and sisters who are not able to go home to their own families. When nothing else is left, we always long to go back to source. Many are suffering and in a very tragic event today some of them died today while they slept on a railway track and were run over by a train. In lack of transport facility they were walking back hundreds of kilometres to their villages and their family. How do I relate with them in the safety of my own home? o try to give any answer would be easy and an escape, to stay with this question with courage is difficult and painful.

I choose to stay with this question today

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