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“My feet are tired but my soul is rested” – Gandhi ji

“Why did you do this pilgrimage ? and more important why did u decided to walk?” I asked Nipun and Guri when they came back after their pilgrimage.

There’s something very sacred about walking, which stirs the soul and makes an everlasting impression. You connect. Nipun gave me an example of water, if you boil it and then let it cool down, it will still look the same, but the water has gone through this rigorous tapasya and has changed forever. This is what their journey did to them.

I have done little bit of traveling but now we are really looking forward to do a yatra in the footsteps of Gandhiji. Route is the road to Dandi. Reach there on 6th of april, the day when he broke the salt law and revolutionized India in 1930.

I can feel a sense of excitement building up, a sense of purpose engulfs my heart and can’t wait to take the first step…

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