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What will you gain – Day 10

‘What will you gain out of this , Is it just peace in your heart or something else?’ His father asked him over the phone. He at first laughed but then realizing his father was seriously asking, he tried to explain. A businessman’s gain is his profit , a teacher gains knowledge, a farmer gains food produce but a pilgrim’s gain is an unexpected gift, moment to moment. And whatever the gain would be but one thing is for sure that there would not be any loss.

Day in photos

Day started with an hour of Vipassana meditation in Chirag Bhai’s home. For years the entire family has been ardent meditators and share the value of givin and receiving Metta.

In the afternoon I shared stories with a group of volunteers working with children in Municipal schools. We started with sharing our names and what makes us smile, and we realize that it’s small experiences and expressions which brings joy. Somebody asked me what is love and courage – I said “for me the breath of my heart is love and to be able to love is the highest form of courage”

Nipun Bhai and Pinal Didi, my host family on the second day in Surat. Received immense love and warmth, had met them just few months back and it felt as if we are all connected as one family. Had my first Mango of the season here 🙂

When I asked Nipun bhai , where should I go next, they suggested meeting Kirti Maharaj ji in Tithal. He is a jain monk and a yoga spiritual teacher. They drove me to his ShantiNiketan Ashram. 2 hours from Surat.

Tithal is a very small coastal town next to the sea and it felt so refreshing to be here.

Mahavira, a king like buddha who become a monk, walking in the path of non-violence. From Jain Tradition, in one of the temples here.

Goddess Padmavati, also symbolizes kundalini energy.

Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and wisdom. This place is full of beautiful precious artwork.

Path –

Will stay here a day or two then will ask swami ji for the next destination.

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