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Walking the song of love

And there comes a moment in life, when your hearts says ‘go’ and in this moment you cannot suppress the voice, cannot ignore it, cannot not want to hear or believe it, it is so real that you don’t have a choice but to surrender and let go. and when this happen, then my dear, feel blessed as you are ready for a pilgrimage of a life time, of a roller coaster ride, where you will be stripped of everything you have, everything you know, stark naked, standing in your vulnerability you will be ready for the show. There is a inherent basic need in all of us to connect, connect with others and with yourself. The journeys help us do that, to go back in accepting and embracing your true self.

So here I ‘go’ again and again, this time in a 40 day journey to reconnect and express, in search of my own treasure like little Santiago from Alchemist, following omens and clues, surrendering and loving whatever arises. Without money, walking till I get a ride and fasting till I get food.

Path – I start with Jayesh Bhai in Ahmedabad on March 23rd, sharing his one message and then he directs me to the next person. I walk or take any transport help offered by people along the way and meet the next person and then he directs me to the next one. Along the way meeting people, sharing stories.

Practices – This journey gives an opportunity to be in silence, to do small acts of service, daily writing and sharing stories through blog.

This journey is a humble effort to feel the non-separation in humanity, to open my heart, to learnt to surrender and to be really able to feel from the depth of my heart that we are all truly ‘One’

“It will all come together my dear, it will all come together,

just place one foot before another “

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