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Towards the flowing River- Day 4

Let it go, let it flow…. Life knows

I was going to take a train from Vadodara to Bharuch today morning, but Trilok uncle surprised me by joining me and giving me ride on his 20 year old classic bike. At the age of 60 his young spirit filled me with enthusiasm as we started our journey today.

Trilok uncle, my young companion till next destination.

The wind on my face, made me feel safe. On the road.

First glimpse of Sacred River Narmada in Nareshwar. Our first stop after Vadodara.

Visited Rangavadhoot temple and received food as an offering. For last many years, hundreds of pilgrims and visitors have food here daily as a gift.

Uncle and I slept under this very beautiful banyan tree after lunch, in the ashram premises. When you are tired, even a hard bench feels so comfortable and grateful for it being there.

My whole body was hurting and feeling extremely exhausted. Watching the moving of leaves and it’s quiet melody.

On the way we stopped at the village Somaj. Three years back, I had visited this place as part of another pilgrimage and it left a deep impact in my heart. Excited to revisit it again.

Went swimming in the river Narmada, like a mother, it took away my exhaustion and pain, of now and some previous.

This tree seemed to have chosen his companion well, both not letting each other go.

Chanting and singing in the shiva temple with a blind singer and other devotees. Video here –

My feet are tired but my soul is rested.

Path – taking rest in Somaj village tonight and tomorrow as well, then going to Jagadhia on Monday to meet the next pilgrim.

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