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There’s a spiritual solution to every problem

“As you live, life lives you”

I found this book on the 29th of Jan 2016, during my wanderer period and also of restlessness one. The cover picture of author in the city of Assisi caught my attention. The book drew wisdom from St Francis of Assisi and many other teachers. I didn’t get to read it then but remembered about this book a month back and here it is found it again or it found me when I need it. Here’s few snippets of learnings from 1st chapter:

‘There is nothing wrong with God’s creation. Mystery and Suffering only exists in the Mind.’ – Ramana Mahrishi

  1. Everything in our universe is nothing more than energy. That is, at the very core of it’s being, everything is vibrating to a certain frequency.

  2. Slower frequency appear more solid and this is where our problem show up.

  3. Faster frequency such as light and thought are less visible.

  4. Fastest frequencies are what I am calling spirit.

  5. When the fastest frequencies of spirit are brought to the presence of lower/slower frequencies, they nullify and dissipate those things we call problems.

Steps for accesing spiritual direction

  1. Recognition – “I may not know exactly how to access the spiritual solution here, but I fully recognize that a spiritual solution exists. By recognition of it’s existence, we invite the power to be known by us.

  2. Realization- Begin the process of realization by visualising the presence you seek.

  3. Reverence- Communing quietly with the spiritual force is our way of becoming one with it.

Spirit is the life of God within us. – St Theresa

Whatever draws the mind outward is unspiritual and whatever draws the mind inward is spiritual – Ramana Mahrishi

Spirituality is from within, the result of recognition, realisation, and reverence.

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