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Silence and Celebration in Grasse, France

“It all started with Pavi’s visit to Grasse. Hearing about the work of Dr V and Service Space, felt like a rain in the parched land, warming my heart with a feeling… Ahh finally I have found it.. My family and my work.” Catherine shared this as I asked her the inspiration behind all the beautiful work she is now doing in Grasse, France.

This meeting then led her with two friends Geneive and Leya to India in Ahmedabad, meeting Jayesh Bhai, Mukesh Bhai, Seva Cafe and Moved by Love retreats. ‘There was something very unique happening here’, she said. A flow of love in small experiments of gift, kindness and generosity. Determined to share the same experience they felt, they started Seva Cafe in Grasse, France with a group of volunteers and friends. Now running for 2 years, once a month, it has not been a very easy journey but yet quite fulfilling. Each month they select a new restaurant in the city, who offers them their place as a gift. Volunteers then either cook in their own homes or there together and create a space of family and love. With the bill saying ‘0’, the guests are invited to pay from their heart for the next one to take place, in the spirit of paying it forward. The food is exquisite served in a very homely environment. “It nourishes me, when I serve here”, shared one volunteer.

Mukesh Bhai’s visit to France also led to many other beautiful circles. We had a one day silent retreat with him and then beginning of Awakin circle in Catherine’s home, along with many one on one silent meditation sessions.

Through out all the gathering, Mukesh bhai shared the Byakko family’s universal peace message and together we prayed for world peace.

In silence and celebration it really felt like homecoming.

In pictures – For more Pictures click here

During one day retreat

Prayer Circle

Group Meditation

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Awakin Circle

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