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Sharing Blessing

The sky turned crimson with the rising sun, passenger in my right reading Hanuman Chalisa, And I am writing this blog, sitting in the flight towards Delhi. Suddenly been called for an interview for Brazilian visa. Recently finished reading ‘Celestine Prophecy’, based in Peru, talking about coincidences and energies, I wonder what calls me to South America. After little resistance from me and insistence from the Giftival friends, with my flight fully paid and trip supported for, I feel deeply grateful for to be able to have these blessings and to be able to travel, to meet different communities and diverse voices.

A monk once told me, ‘what do you do when you receive blessings ? you feel grateful and share it forward’. What a beautiful practice it could be, to cultivate the art of sharing blessings. Last night it was a friend’s birthday and we reflected the meaning of her name, Arpita, it means that which is offered, a sacred offering. Imagine our life to be like a constant sacred offering to others. Reminds me of Broom, which too is like that, always ready to be offered to whoever wants to clean with it. Living to be present to that which needs to be emerged and manifested. And that’s Swagyan, in tune with your own heart, polishing it day in day out, co-creating with the universe.

Sonica, Meghna, Zilong and Arpita

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