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Why do we travel ?, I thought. Some do for work and some do for joy but there is another small group who travel because they are meant to travel. When there is a calling you go. You listen to your restless heart and you go. This year has been truly a year of journey for me. Started with a trip to Gir forest on a new year eve with a group of people doing small acts of service. Followed by a journey to search for rural innovators in north east india with prof Anil gupta. Explored Assam, Mizoram, Kolkata and Bihar. Immediately after went on a spiritual walking pilgrimage in the banks of mother river Narmada, with a small group of friends and my one year old daughter Reva. Before we could savor the inspiration of the last journey, the beautiful city of Madurai called us and again we gathered here to do a small retreat, saw the incredible work of Aravind eye hospital and then spent time in a farm with a family’s who left their city life to do organic farming near Coimbatore. Just realized all this happened in last three months, there are so many other journeys ahead. My heart told me again “when there is a calling you go”.

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