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Lucky seed

‘I like what you are wearing in your neck ‘ said my barber today while I was having a haircut. I was wearing Rudraksh bead, a seed associated with God Shiva and some of them are very rare to find like the one I was wearing. ‘How much does it cost?’ he asked further, I replied I don’t know as I was a gift and this particular one is little difficult to get the original piece. ‘can you get one for me’ , I said ‘ok’ to simply avoid the conversation. But then he said ‘promise’ and I found myself saying promise softly without actually meaning it but at the same time regretting saying it as now I felt I had given my word and I was not quite sure how to get this particular bead and it is little difficult to find, in short it was just a hassle. He smiled and continued to cut my hair. In next 10 minutes my mind started racing and I pondered why am I wearing this bead, is it due to superstition that it will make my life better and I will get what I want or does it makes me spiritual ? Am I attached to it? What if I take it out? Why is it so important for this barber? Does he really needs it or is he superstitious like me. All sort of thoughts came but none could convince me authentically the essential need for it for myself. I no doubt loved it and had been wearing it for more than 2 years, I also felt it was lucky for me and it bought me good luck so thinking about that positive feeling I took it out from my neck and gave it in his hands and said ‘may this bring you good luck too’. A small gesture of love opened my heart in a big way and I walked back home smiling and feeling lighter.

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