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Listen to the voiceless voice – Day 2

I kissed little Reva good bye in her sleep. ‘Look for me in your heart when you miss me’, I told her yesterday and through our hearts we meet each other as if our souls long knew the path we are both taking. As I was walking out of the door, Meghna gives me a little statue of Buddha, with a prayer in lips and silence in our hearts we depart.

The full moon was still shining in the sky, and shiva chantings echoed from a distant temple. I managed to start the walk at 5.30am. Gandhi ashram gates were closed, but I could see the prayer ground lit by a small light, I remembered Gandhi ji and his experiments of truth, as we seek our own truth we collectively move towards sharing our experiments with love. Offered a small prayer and then passed by Safai Vidylaya, stopping for a moment, reminiscing all the moments spent there learning about inner and outer cleanliness. And then started walking again.

I felt moved not to carry any money in this journey, trusting that I will be provided what I need, to feel the flow , my own vunlnerabilities and our interconnectedness.

On the way saw many small things, a little child sleeping so peacefully in the side of the busy road, elder women who were also jain pilgrims getting ready for their own walk, and an ambulance carrying a old man on ventilator, reminded me the four people buddha saw.

Reached Sughad in 3 hours which was on the way and met Chris / Krishna there. Listen to the voiceless voice he told me, the voice only which you can hear, follow it with all your heart. Chris himself has been living this in his own life, a pilgrim in love and service, he spent serving in Rwanda, leprosy community in India and now in the slums of Kenya. ‘No matter how small our actions are, if it is rooted in love, it effects all and is a act of sacred service.’ He shared as we walk out to continue the journey.

The sun was getting warmer now, although it was just 9am, walking on the highway, I felt immensely grateful for every little tree for it gave a momentarily relief in its shadow. I reflected how beautiful it could be if we could be like that little tree giving its shade to every person who cross in our lives. About noon I reached the Samdarshan Ashram, the name which means to see yourself in the other without any separation.

I had not told anyone about my arrival here and had come spontaneously and In just minutes of my arrival I see Guru Ma outside , very unlikely for her to be outside at that time, as if nature so beautifully orchestrated our meeting. Together we did brief satsang , on how all we need is love as we heal others we heal ourselves and as we heal ourselves we heal others. She shared a brief message on video here –

Then I asked her about one person which makes her heart in peace and I would like to do a pilgrimage from her place to the other. She directed me towards Swami Brahmatmanand ji in Vadodara, whatever little I have learned, it comes from there she shared. She then offered some food and money as Prasad, which I received with love and after little rest, on a bus now towards Vadodara.

Next stop – Swami Brahmatmanand ji, Vadodara. Approx 130 Km

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