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Leaving and living

They say anything that has not completed in love will keep repeating itself till it ends in love. I found this reflection written 10 years back, with a calling to go and meet different faiths, now reading it makes me feel as if I am back to the same place. Have I grown, learnt something or repeating the old patterns. However one distinct difference I feel today is, that my previous pilgrimage was for self, filled with questions this time however I feel mind is free with questions but with a longing to experience the universal selflessness and unity. Longing to walk the path of love, to open my heart and walk towards sangaath.

Today as I leave my family and home again, I wonder if it is my biggest mistake or a gift in disguise, need to go through this darkness to see the ligh within. Something feels broken and yet heart tells that it is little step towards healing.

With faith that this too one day will complete in love.

– in Mumbai airport , boarding towards Rome.

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