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Krishna’s Birthday

27th August’ 05. ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan

Hare Rama Hare Rama. Rama Rama Hare Hare. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

Krishna Bal ram temple (ISKCON) echoed with this mahamantra chant. My long time wish to see Janmashtmi, in the birth land of Krishna, came true this year. Hundreds of people packed every temple in Mathura and Vrindavan.

As time was approaching towards midnight, the time when Krishna was born, the energy everywhere became vibrant. Everyone seemed to be in a state of bliss, chanting loudly and dancing while waving their hands in air. Most of the singers were foreigners but it made no difference. They sang from their soul. The chanting was so pure that you can almost feel it in your body, heart and soul. In that moment of ecstasy nothing else existed, but just you and Krishna. For the longest time, smilingly I looked at his statue in the temple and strongly felt his presence in me.

In being with him today. 🙂

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