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Vishwa-Priti ( Trip to Pavnar)

Vinoba Ji’s samadhi in Pavnar

‘Vishwa-Priti’ (love for the universe),This word from Vinoba, recently found my heart.

More than 80 years back, when people would greet Vinoba, he would greet them back with ‘Jai Jagat’ (Victory of the world). They would say ‘Baba, the people hardly know the next village and you talk about the world, to which Vinoba would reply,’Yes we may have not met physically but our hearts our connected.”

Today as we celebrate and remember Vinoba on his 125th birth anniversary, these words vibrate more intensely. I feel ‘Jai Jagat’ was relevant to his time and had he been alive today he would have used ‘Vishwa-Priti’ more. Although in essence they are both similar, yet ‘Love for universe’ is the foundation Root on which the the tree of Sarvodaya and Jai Jagat stands. How can I think of victory on other human being, when every cell in my body longs for oneness with humanity. In his last days, Vinoba had said ,”All my life’s work was towards achieving union of hearts’.

Christ with a flute.Made by an Italian artist in Pavnar

With Jayesh Bhai and together with few friends, we had the opportunity to visit Pavnar Ashram, Wardha again. Fruit of last time’s visit was short film ‘Ram Hari’. This time it was to plan for pilgrimages and activities for 125th birth anniversary of Vinoba. Man behind this force is 75 year young Ramesh Bhai, who has silently but very actively working towards mobilizing various activities all over India. Ramesh Bhai had joined Vinoba after leaving his lucrative govt job and completion of Law. “Go to villages and solve their problems so that they don’t have to go to court”, Vinoba had told Ramesh Bhai an thats what he did his entire life.

It was a gathering of around 75 people from various walks of life in Pavnar. Our group soon got much attention due to our new age projects and it’s relevance in today’s times. I had the opportunity to share about ‘Moved By Love’, service space, lokmitra and other experiments of love projects. In the night We screened ‘Ram Hari’, Samanvay and other short films in front of all the Ashram elders.It was a moment of great pride and humility to present my work before them. These are living legends, imbibing and living service and spirituality in their daily lives.

Next day Jayesh bhai and I took some video interviews of elders in the ashram. It was tremendous joy to work behind the camera as Jayesh Bhai took interviews in a very candid manner. There were so many heartfelt conversations and aha moments that y heart was filled with immense gratitude to be able to experience this and had the wisdom to appreciate it.

I think it is a blessing to know that you are blessed.

Beginning of the journey..Ahmedabad train station

Sisters in Ashram during prayers

With Usha Tai and Dharampal ji

Jayesh Bhai taking interview of Bal Vijay ji

Several ancient statues have been found in Pavnar ashram while digging, indicating a major spiritual site.

Simple decoration with leaves on Vinoba’s birthday

Vinoba ji’s Urn in the centre of Dham river

Prayer ground, Gandhi Ashram Wardha

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