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Global friends retreat 2016 – Switzerland

Updated: May 13, 2022

“As a world citizen going back home being part of a new culture in the spirit of love, taking responsibility of whole, what is my gift ?”

A beautiful question to hold and explore. It was my third time participating in Global friends retreat in Switzerland, first one being in 2013. My understanding got deepened and faith restored in our non separation and oneness. Around 30 participants from various parts of the world came together, holding these questions. We all realize that humanity is going through a major shift. Today as we have greatest of crisis we also have greatest potential for transformation. There’s a cosmic intelligence that governs all. We don’t know how it collaborates, cooperates, so how do we design for a new world through this unknown ? How do we leap from separation to oneness. What are the attributes of a perfect human being ? What does it mean to meet in prior unity? How to bring heaven on earth or even imagine that it could be possible? What is our individual jump for ‘it’ to manifest?

I realize it’s good to hold and explore a good question than look for an answer for a bad question.

Here’s few reflections which came up as we held space and sacred circle around it. The space was held and guided very beautifully by Annette Kaiser, a universal spiritual teacher.

⁃ shift from ‘I am that’ to ‘I am’

⁃ In new culture the individual is more transparent. We are all together moving in that direction.

⁃ What really creates in cocreation that which has no name. The power in silence that creates.

⁃ What is the meaning of our true powers that is good.

⁃ Something new is coming that I am not familiar with, trust it.

⁃ Humanity perceives the possibility of one world and is in time space to take a quantum leap.

⁃ Sat: responsible for form, chitta: responsible for depth of consciousness, Anand: responsible for bliss.

⁃ Our true impulses are co-operation and collaboration.

⁃ To incorporate we develop presence. We are not separate anymore when we are present to ‘now’.

We were all together for one week. In small groups we had heart circles, sharing everyday what is emerging and the truth of the moment. Day started with meditation in morning for earth and self. Many concepts were explored through individual presentations, from moneyless economy, collaborative platforms, wisdom of elders and gift culture. Explored the dialogue principles in our conversations which allows us to deeply listen to others and respond from the depth of our hearts without judgments.

We played, we danced, we talked and talked and listened deeply, shared our unique gifts and our individual jumps for the manifestation for whatever that needs to be created.

I would like to jump towards :

⁃ towards unconditional love

⁃ Towards fearlessness

⁃ Towards remembrance that we are non-separated.

⁃ Holding sacred spaces and circles for the same jump to happen for others.

Overall always trusting what ‘it’ wants from us and not what we want from it.

We closed the circle with making flags of our commitments to ourselves and with a blessing Ceremony for each other.

For me personally, I felt I had many little breakthroughs. As I was volunteering this time and had the opportunity to cocreate the retreat and hold it together with Annette, Katarina and Anne Christine. I felt very humbled in their presence and learned tremendously about holding space with my intuition and presence. We would constantly ask ourselves “what serves the most?”

I go further in this path of love , as a pilgrim through the gateway of heart in the service of the whole.

Reminding myself to Look at the stars, but go behind the light which makes it shine.

Villa Unspunnan – the beautiful retreat place.

Mandala made with our offerings from the nature.

We had a gift table with hand made smile cards, playing secret angels to each other.

The bright room. The flags hanging are the drawings of our jump or commitments to ourselves.

Holding hands towards the birth of a new culture.

My jump or next steps

Brother Yan had this idea of making butterfly symbol with participants which reflects the transition of humanity.

Essence of all our conversations, made collectively.

Full moon of Guru Purnima from the Swiss alps. View from our retreat center.

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