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Song of Love Retreat- Sri Lanka

"Self love is a revolution

That every atom in your body is Watching for"

Life is in it’s deepest sense a song of love.This song of love is expressing itself through billions of forms, inseparably one with the source.

In our daily life, love has many meanings. And one of them is so sublime that it cannot be really described. It is without any limitations, completely inclusive, shining like a thousand suns. The human beings have access to it in silent listening to the heart of the hearts. In the depth of presence, from moment to moment, it loves what it perceives.

There the song of love get’s conscious.

We had an intimate gathering of fellow pilgrims, storytellers, artists and healers to connect with the sacred self. Collectively we held an intention to create a field of love and healing for self, each other and for Sri Lanka as it goes through a challenging period.

When : 19 - 22 June 2023

Where : Digana (Kandy), Sri Lanka

Space Holders - Rose Maria & Madhusudan Agrawal

Rose Maria : Originally from Switzerland, Rose Maria wanted to become a teacher since she was 4 years old. Apart from being a healer, she has extensive experience in developing curriculums to integrate children with special needs in normal classes. At the age of 50 she had a personal calling to leave Switzerland and move to Egypt.

There she built an alternative travel company for special desert trekking tours and held spiritual meditation retreats in the deep Western Desert. In Egypt, she was also engaged in empowering marginalised women through handicraft skills and has treated people with strokes, and other health problems.

From Egypt she moved to India and then Nepal, participating and supporting various retreats and pilgrimages. Currently she lives in Sri Lanka doing healing, counseling, meditation and developing herself.

Madhusudan : "In mind a storyteller, with body a pilgrim, through heart a seeker. He had the opportunity to hold and participate in various retreats to create a field of love and oneness.

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