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Full moon and our first veggies

As I gazed at the full moon from the terrace in Sivanta, it made me reflective of how fragile life is. Yesterday it was Buddha purnima and as we sat in Awakin circle for meditation and sharing, we reflected on what does true humility means to each one of us. I feel it is very courageous and humble to be able to love, to be able to love again and again, no matter how many times your heart is broken or your trust shaken, it is our highest potentiality and possibility.

I had promised Kishan that I won’t travel till we grow our first vegetables in Swagyan form. Last week we got our first harvest. And today I am on my way to Bangalore to share with Yes foundation’s media fellows. Stories still excite me and talking about it with others makes me come alive. I have called this talk – ‘My story, your story, the story’, its about connect with your self, with community and with nature. We are made up of our thoughts and stories which we tell ourselves all the time and thus we also the power and possibility to change our stories or the course of our lives whenever we will.

There is a flow in life, and we are able to tap into that flow and participate and co-create with it when truly accept that I am deeply connected with the other and the nature. There are omens all around us, no coincidences just signs to guide us to fulfill our lives purpose and live our destiny. Abundance is a state of mind and not things we own. My friends tell me ‘it takes money to travel’, and I tell them that when I was earning or had more money I could never travel, there is something else which makes our deepest wish comes alive. Part of it comes from fakiri, when you become fearless and start sharing whatever you have without holding back. When we are able to do that that’s when we tap into the universal energy of abundance as we don’t close our fists out of fear or scarcity but of seeing everyone in us and us in them.

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