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Feet at rest

12.08.05. Parasnath temple. Parasnath.

Walking! Today I experienced, sitting on a hilltop, in front of sacred Jain temple of Parasnathji, why is walking recommended during a pilgrimage. It’s believed, this is the place where Parasnath experienced enlightenment. Woke up today at 2:30am (big challenge for a lazy person like me) and after shower at 3:00am started the 11 km barefoot walk uphill towards this temple situated at 1366 m. In the beginning every little step was difficult but when I saw a 70 yrs young person to 5 yr kids walking I felt old and thus got more courage. Walking connects with your soul and now I appreciate much more the saints, seekers and everyone who have walked their path and how lucky and blessed my friends Guri and Nipun are to be walking all over India. I can’t forget the beautiful words Nipun wrote on his diary about walking ” when you walk, one foot rests while other works”.

Today in Rest and yet in Work.

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