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Empty yourself – Day 7

I emptied my pockets today, wherever I would go, people would put some money in my pocket lovingly for my travel, although I was not using this money for any personal use and only for travel essentials or to share it with people I met, even this now seemed an obstacle. So I emptied it in front of Ramakrishna and Sharda ma in the temple and asked them to take care now.

I learnt that when I am vulnerable in my travel, I deeply connect with whoever crosses my path. With nothing material to share all you can give is your presence and love. Every offering be it food or shelter, every small kind act becomes sacred and heart is filled with deep gratitude.

Received breakfast in the Sewa rural campus and left for Mangrol village on the bike with Trilok uncle. It was approx 50 Km from Jagadhia. Summer seemed to have arrived in Gujarat and it gets extremely hot after 10. Felt grateful for the ride, else the walk would have been very difficult in this situation. After asking for directions along the way, passing small banana fields and small mud lanes we reached the beautiful Mangrol village. Also in he bank of Mother Narmada river.

We were welcomed home by two Gandhian elders Mahendra bhai Bhatt and Bharti ben. “Goto this village and work and if you are unsuccessful then jump in he Narmada river”, Vinoba joked with them and sent them here. With their 7 month old daughter they came to this very small village approx 45 years back and dedicated their life serving the community. Their simple home felt like a temple, their humble presence radiated immense love.

Mahendra bhai is younger brother of Arun Bhai, who I met in Vadodara and their entire family of 5 brothers, deeply moved by Gandhi ji and Vinoba, have taken a simple life, living like monks and service to poor as their external meditation.

Ba served us delicious hot rotis in lunch and we had the opportunity to hear about their incredible life journey, insights and stories. What a joy and honor to be here and experience this life so well lived.

Path – staying at their home tonight and will visit the Organisation founded by them tomorrow. Will probably goto Surat from here.

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