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Day 1 – Even our feet have hearts

“When you walk and reflect, even your feet start to vibrate like your heart and they guide your path”, shared Jayesh Bhai. Met him today at 9.30 am in Safai Vidyalaya..and between tears and smiles, we shared stories, memories and reflections. I had first met Jayesh Bhai in 2005 and since then he has played a very instrumental part in my life. I learnt the art of being and to love, to be Sahaj and Saral. Here’s a short one minute message he shared about walking. and longer video here

When asked where should I go next he suggested – Samdarshan Ashram. Located in Gandhi Nagar, approx 25 km from Gandhi Ashram. since many years, a spiritual teacher has been doing her Sadhna there. I remember walking to her place in 2005 and now as if life comes full circle and going there again.

Today it also happens to be full moon with lunar eclipse, some say a very good day to put a new intention or start a new journey. Today was also Reva’s 5th birthday , celebrated with the awakin friends.

Next – Leaving tomorrow early morning at 5am, walking from Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad towards Samdarshan Ashram in Gandhi Nagar

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