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Buen Camino – Road to Santiago

How did the rose ever opened its heart and give to this world all of it’s beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against it’s being. Otherwise we all remain too frightened.”

This quote by Hafiz reminded me of little experiments we do in ‘Moved by Love’ and how each little act of kindness and generosity helps open our heart.

It’s been a month today on the road to Santiago, many little and big moments of transformations manifest everyday. As if ‘the way’ or the ‘camino’ as it is lovingly called has a life of its own. It is a journey of 800 Kms in 40 days. It is growing within me and ceases to surprise everyday. From sleeping in truck trailer in open to nice hotels, to crowded pilgrim albergues, to a chapel in old church, each night promises for a new day, and it never failed. Walking in the scorching sun or in the coldest rain, in a forest, in the mountain, in the farms, through the bustling cities, and the rivers the road always welcomed my feet. I shared my love by making hearts from the stone in the way, singing chants and prayers in the groups, giving heart pins to strangers, putting smile deck cards randomly in various places for people to discover, but most importantly I learned to give my presence to everyone I met, looking deeply into their eyes, till our hearts melted and became one.

Many ask me ‘why I am doing the camino, and to them I say ‘to learn to open my heart, completely, naively, foolishly, passionately, compassionately and authentically.’ When I gifted a peace chain to a mother of three year old, who was walking with her family, she asked me how to explain what peace means to her son. And I said to me it means ‘breath of your heart’ , whatever helps our heart breathe is peace.

So my fellow pilgrims of love, you all truly are the breath of my heart, may we together continue to shine our brightest light, by being love, by being joy, by being kind, but really by being our true authentic self…one small step at a time. With all of you in my heart I take the next step in the ancient road to Santiago. Buen Camino

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