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Asha Parekh Ji in Safai Vidyalaya

When I am asked to share about the spirit of Moved By Love, I get very excited. The possibility it holds to see every one as a part of your own is immense. Today Asha Parekh ji had visited Safai Vidyalaya and we shared about little experiments of love from awakins, smile deck, smile cards and retreats. She listened with great interest and with sparkle in her eyes and said “I hope everybody could do this work”. We then visited Gandhi Ashram and Manav Sadhna. With so many successful and influential people visiting in the Ashram , the mind naturally thinks how best we can get their support in doing good work but I wonder what would it be like if we can tell them, we don’t need anything but want to know how can we serve you or walk together in the path of service, towards Jai Jagat, towards oneness. I read somewhere today “There can be a limit to forgiveness, but there should be no limit to love”.

In the infinite possibilities of love today.

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