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Advait Part 18 (Service)

“Believe in something bigger than yourself” My heart told me and led me to the land of service, Ahmedabad. Next to a river, sitting in a mud house, spinning his wheel, a Mahatma had bought a revolution, 75 years ago without even raising his finger. Who would have thought, love, truth and compassion would become the weapon of mass construction.

Harikripa bought me to the Manav Sadhna Centre, in the Gandhi Ashram. “Their name means, worship the mankind” he explained “and truly the god, lives in their heart”. Celebration of humanity is what I experienced here. Poor, who I had thought, were much richer in spirit and suffered they, who had more.

Where do you find the strength to serve? I asked Jayesh Bhai, a living karma yogi. “Love is all you need” he said with a smile, thus echoing the words of my wife. What’s my karma? To be true to yourself How can I make a difference? Search for your truth through whatever you do.

Shook me these words, to my core. I realized yet again, like various streams we connect to the same source.

Universe had it’s ways to communicate.

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