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Advait part 22 (Back to River)

Ashram of the Mahatma, next to the river was now my new home. Hasmukh Bhai they called me. I seldom spoke however surprisingly always had this little smile floating on my lips. My happiness within glowed in my face and thus I got the name smiling man. It was a home for everyone. From a 10 year old who had run away from his house to 60 year old who was forced to leave his. There was food for everyone, like Draupadi’s utensil blessed by the blue-eyed god, the kitchen flowed in abundance, never letting anyone go hungry. Children from streets, learned how to make sustainable living, youth who had once lost direction found a way to give a voice to their restless energy and elders found joy in living again through service. The place thrived in giving.

Although there were rooms and a big hall for pilgrims, I chose to sleep under a tree, next to mother river. I had come to learn how to listen to her and indeed she talked to me and soothed my heart. “Like all this too shall pass”, she had told me once “yet surrender your self as you flow” she told me now.

Joy is in service

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