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Advait part 17 ( Give & Recieve)

Why do we need to give?

Without it you’ll perish, said the old beggar.

The trees, the clouds, the earth, the river and every living beings know…to flow is to be alive.

If everyone gives, who will receive? I asked

Isn’t the giver the ultimate receiver? He asked back.

Who is bigger among the two?

There is no two?

How to find who is worthy and who to give?

If he is worthy to live, he is worthy to give and receive.

His name was Harikripa, which meant, blessed by gods. I stayed with him for several months in streets. Though beggar he was he taught me biggest lessons on giving. Together we begged and together we gave.

Everyone gives what he has, he told me. An artist gives his art, a saint his blessings, a teacher his knowledge and we the opportunity to give.

And then he said something which immediately reminded me of what Gopala had said in the temple, long time ago Blessed are they who receive with grace..

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