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Advait Part 15 (Leap)

Never before did I felt silence was more meaning full, never before did I felt more convinced and never before did I felt the longing to accept anyone as my Guru. He seemed complete, full circle, Advaita which Shankara spoke about. Yet that completeness in itself seemed incomplete.

How could he possibly make me experience the longings of his heart, stones which crossed his bare feet, desire which engulfed in his deepest meditation, and wisdom nature taught him. I could learn all the shashtras from him, I could learn how the world was formed, existed and will be destroyed from him, and I am sure I could also learn the various mystical ways which dazzles the mind. But then how could he possibly share how it would feel to caress a woman you truly love, How it would feel when heart is rejected of love, how it would feel when senses take over the reasons of existence. Human nature, although most complicated in its form is still the most beautiful with its vulnerable features.

Never again I thought then, will I see from any body else’s eyes, never again I promised then will take a road made for other, never again I decided then will allow anyone to be my guru.

I discarded my saffron clothes, tore them with a zest, plunged into a near flowing river and screamed with joy.

Here I come, leaping into the infinite existence of your creation

Life…..embrace me for from today I will dream my own dreams.

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