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Advait part 13 (Separation)

“Today, on ides of March, a day when Caesar was slayed by his closest friend Brutus, we make a pact that separated we will never be, together we will go to United States and forever our friendship will be.”

Written on a piece of paper it was our testimonial for years to come which was none the less wither with time and remain as memories in our heart. Together since the first day in boarding school, when our maids used to bathe us, naked. Together since the first time I had an infatuation on an Assamese girl and to impress who I gave a chick. Together since when we got our hands on first issue of Debonair. And together since when we were bullied to death by our classmates.

Ananda his name was, and joy he bought to my heart. Closer than a brother which I never had. Even our names rhymed so did our dreams. “I want to be a teacher” he used to say, “and to the world one day I will teach” “I want to be a preacher” I would add, “and the world will listen one day to what I preach” Naive we were like everyone our age, alone we were like everyone in their hearts.

When the stars lit the skies, we looked out from our windows, lying on our beds, next to each other in the room of thirty. We would slowly whisper, “ One day….one day….it will all come together”.

School ended, college started and our path always crossed and together we did go to United States.

But as fate had it, the best of dreams do get broken because in it lies the secret of our hearts.

Without any reason, without any complains, without any fights and without any emotion….we parted on different paths.

And yet today when I look up into the sky, I can’t help but murmur to myself….“one day…one day…it will all come together”.

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